What’s creative coaching?

Good question - thanks for asking.

As a creative coach, I work with you to get the outcomes you desire. My role is to support you, give you strategies and hold you accountable, while you do the work to realise your dream. I help you to structure your efforts, so you can direct your creative life.

How it works

The process is similar to mentoring or life coaching, but focused on the unique needs of each creative person. Sessions are an hour long and take place over Zoom.

Here are some things we can achieve in a single session:

  • make a plan to get you creating regularly again

  • plan out an upcoming projects so you can feel in control

  • map out an upcoming busy period so you can see it all on one page

  • plot out a challenging email, pitch or bio

You can also buy multiple-session packages. With these you can:

  • calmly see a big project through to completion

  • become a lot more creatively well-organised

  • clarify your vision or next steps

  • take giant strides towards your creative ambitions

…and there are many more possibilities! People often tell me that even just speaking with me about their situation is a huge help.

If you’d like to talk with me to explore what we can do together, please email me and tell me about your situation. I’ll send you a link to book in a free 20 minute chat so we can work out if we’re a good fit.

We agreed on homework tasks each week, which was a great motivator and we celebrated successes. We identified key factors which had derailed me in the past and found strategies for overcoming them. There was allowance for experimentation which expanded my parameters and triggered ideas for new projects.

I actually completed a project; a small sculpture for a local group exhibition.  Often in the past, I may have gone off on a tangent and abandoned the work unfinished, then made excuses to myself about why, but having a plan of attack and setting goals to keep me on track really worked for me.  

Finishing something gave me a sense of accomplishment and a much-needed confidence boost. 
— Jo Wiliiams
I was not achieving the amount of creative work I knew I could produce. I could not find the motivation and time for it. The coaching really made me appreciate and manage my time for myself.  Stephanie helped me look at my life schedule and made creative time. This time is precious and I look forward to it.

I have worked towards an exhibition, which is opening this weekend. I am proud of myself and what I have achieved and I think that is an amazing achievement in itself (as a creative you can tend to be your own worst critic).

I highly recommend Stephanie, she’s an easy person to unravel your creative persona with. Stephanie is a kind, warm-hearted person. I never felt any judgement, I always looked forward to what I would achieve in each session.  I will continue to go chat art with Stephanie, she’s rad. 
— Grace Elgie

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