How to get creatively motivated again

I used to have a lot of spare mental energy for creativity. As long as I did a certain amount of creative stuff, it would lead to more. My creative brain would be working away while I did other things, turning into spontaneous creative moments. This is what I call inspiration-based motivation.

Then I started my creative coaching business. There were so many new things to learn, both in skills and in mindset. I kept my morning creative routine, but that extra inspired time dwindled off.

I started to notice the symptoms of creative lack. For me, it starts with reluctance to do good things like eating veges. Jealousy, depression, irritability and trouble switching off soon follow. It’s like my brain becomes less flexible.

I saw a similar pattern in clients of mine who recently had a big change in their lives, and struggled to maintain their creative practice through it. It seemed to them at first like time itself was the issue - not enough of it. But then they found when they did set aside the time, they encountered other blocks.

The new thing in their lives was taking a huge amount of their creative energy as they adapted and developed to fit. When they got to their creative time, they already felt depleted. This was the source of the block they encountered - they subconsciously avoided using even more energy.

Instead of relying on inspiration, I suggested starting by taking gentle action. Action-based motivation is simply choosing a time to work, something to work on, a way of getting to work, and then doing it. There are no expectations except to turn up. The action itself becomes motivating.

Having the routine in place keeps the door to creativity open. Within this structure, projects and skills can move forward, without requiring excess energy. And when you begin to feel inspired again, you have an amazing launching off point.

Looking at my new life demands, I decided to set aside more intentional creative time. There’s no point in me waiting for that ‘pop into my workspace’ moment. But I still need to create in order to feel whole. So I take action first, trusting inspiration to return later when the dust settles.

If you want help establishing an action-based motivation strategy in your creative life, please get in touch or book a session with me.