3 tricks to get organised as a creative person

Organisation. A thousand articles on the internet will tell you what works. But does it work for you?

If not, maybe these techniques will. I invented them to help me make sense of the organisational demands of life. They are similar to the stuff that the gurus say ought to work, but they break things down a little more, and make the internal jumble clearer by making it visible.

The tools I talk about in the video are:

  • Brainswarm (like a brainstorm but only of the ideas you’ve already got swarming round in your head)

  • Flow chart of possibilities (tracking the steps and options so you can see where your thoughts are getting stuck)

  • Microlist (breaking tasks into tiny chunks so that you can identify the few hard points and thus sidestep procrastination)

I hope you find them as useful as I do! If you are ‘organisationally challenged’ and have found tools that work well for you, please tell me all about them. And if you want a hand with getting more organised as a creative person, get in touch or book a session with me.