Just (ACTUALLY) do it: 4 steps to regular creativity

You used to get a lot out of being creative, but something’s changed. You mean to get back to it every day, but life keeps getting in the way. You’re growing increasingly desperate to get back into the creative zone.

If this is you, here’s a simple 4-step process to break through your own resistance and reinstate a satisfying creative practice.

1. Make a regular time

When you’re creating regularly, you can just snap into creative work mode. But for now you need the support of a regular time. Have a look at your weekly calendar and work out when that could be.

It helps to resist the urge to plan for a big chunk of time. Small chunks of time are easier to actually commit to on the day. They can always be extended out.

2. Lower the stakes

When you last created regularly, you may have been making cool stuff. Now, when you try to create, it feels like you’re back at the beginning.

Your creative fitness level is low. You don’t build your fitness by running a marathon.

Instead of the big project you’ve been dreaming of, start with the most light and playful part of your creative practice. Use this as the basis of your new routine. For example, if you have a graphic novel you want to write, start with sketching your cat!

3. Decide how to start

To actively shift into the creative zone, get your subconscious on board.

You can do this by starting with a trigger you use every time. It could be lighting a candle, making a cuppa, setting an alarm, or a place you go to…whatever’s easy and resonant.

As the time comes close, focus on getting ready, instead of on your desires/fears around creating. Go to your workspace, get out any materials, and do your trigger. Then, BAM! Before you’ve had time to invent an excuse, you’ve started.

4. Explore your mindset

Some of the biggest risks around creating are in our own heads. You can absolutely get better at managing them.

Journaling is practical way to work with what comes up as you get creative again. A designated, 100% private notebook becomes the space you run to when you experience off-putting thoughts or feelings.

You can start an entry with a question that you then explore. You can have a page to collect (and defuse) the mean things you say to yourself. You can write out an encouraging mantra in your best felt tips.

Try it out!

I hope that you find your way back to creating soon - today even!

If you want help with putting the pieces together in a way that works for your unique self, get in touch or book a session with me.