Jealousy in creativity - How to deal with it

Creative jealousy is a very familiar emotion to many of us. It can be so intense!

Instead of pushing it away, we can learn to see jealousy as a symptom that tells us what creative needs we’re not meeting.

Here are the steps, as outlined in the video.

  1. Thank the jealousy. It’s here to help!

  2. Write down the story you’re telling yourself. Include your thoughts. Give details.

  3. Analyse the story - What is the un-met creative need it shows? What are you projecting onto other people, and negating in yourself?

  4. What are the obstacles to meeting this creative need (external and internal)?

  5. Brainstorm possible ways to start meeting this creative need.

  6. Choose some things to try out.

  7. Make a plan. Break down your chosen activities and put them into your diary. Take some kind of action straight away.

If you want help to work through this process, please get in touch or book in a session with me.