Stephanie you helped me so much! Such wise words and so intuitive...you’ll always be one of the main lifelines that helped me transition from stay-at-home mother for 10 years to fulfilling my creative dreams.
— Kate Woodcock
I found it SO helpful. It was great to have the time and space to think about these things and explore options, learn about new resources and share.
— Jennifer Davies.
I was struggling to prioritise my creative writing and therapeutic writing as equally important to my professional writing. Professional copywriting was taking all my energy and headspace, leaving little time or energy for personal creative projects.  I was yearning for them, yet couldn’t make creativity fit into my full schedule.  

The coaching helped because it made me turn up for my creativity on a regular basis.  I couldn’t shove it to the bottom of the to-do list, because I had regular appointments for creative coaching built into my weekly schedule.  Stephanie helped me figure out how and where to create space in my life for creative writing and to establish new habits and attitudes around my creativity.

I treat my creativity with the respect and worthiness that I believe it deserves, now.  I am easing up on my hard-on-myself-ness too, when things don’t get finished or done to an impossible standard.  I’m learning to go with the flow more and go gentler on myself and my creative journey, letting it be less about the end result and more about the process. 

Stephanie brings such a diverse set of skills to her role as creative coach.  She holds the space for your creativity and makes that space feel witnessed, acknowledged and safe.  She is encouraging, kind, insightful and wise.  I am so grateful for her guidance. 
— Emma Darragh
Stephanie’s care, experience, intelligence and genuine fascination with people and their creative minds has you in good hands. In every session we were able to solve problems and develop strategies or new habits to find balance and be better prepared for those high stress or low energy times. I would recommend with confidence and will continue to work with her in the future. Ka pai!
— Craig McClure
I love spending time with Stephanie and look forward to our catch-ups. She has so many great ideas, and I feel I learn something new every time we talk. You are inspirational, Stephanie! Arohanui x
— Camilla Carty-Melis
I loved the brainstorming and in-depth discussion of daily rituals and planning workspaces. It was a calm open space to share ideas. I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments.
— Bethwyn Littler
I came here with a specific question in mind. I feel like I now have the answer, but I also have new tools and ideas I can use to help me face future challenges!
— Lisa Lamberton

I needed to explore my anxiety with sharing my creativity in the world and address the effects it was having on me both personally and in business. The coaching helped reveal the origins of this issue. With this new understanding it was easy to see what was going on and therefore create some new strategies to move forward with. When I think of the issue I started with I don’t get the same feeling, I feel like I can take on a creative project and be more confident with that final stage of the process, Sharing it. 

Stephanie was easy and fun to talk to, She was able to keep up with the sometimes complicated tangent I was on and give reasonable and logical feedback. Although it was a heavy topic for me Stephanie made it an enjoyable process which I looked forward to. With the knowledge she has gained from her own experience she came across as authentic, empathetic and  truly committed to helping me through to a successful outcome.
— Kathryn Engerbretson

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