Are you stuck?

Are you stuck creatively? Do you feel overwhelmed by the competing demands for your time and energy? Do you want to go to a new level creatively, but are struggling to work out the steps? Are you a committed creative person, but you're frustrated by how distracted you get?

When people ask you what you do, do you tell them about your day job instead of the creative work that really matters to you? Are your dreams of making work so grand that you avoid making any work at all?

If so, I can help you.

Moving forward

With my help, you can become clear on your vision for your creative life. You can begin creating daily, generating a sense of meaningfulness. You can plan and carry out more ambitious projects. You can feel at home in your creative identity. You can balance your creative life with the zillion other things you're up to. You can share your work without having to get drunk or hide in the shed.

Creative people share common challenges and drives, ones that helping professionals may dismiss or be confused by. When you work with me, you get the support of someone who knows what you're talking about. My superpower lies in breaking skills down into tiny, easy-to-practice piece. This helps people do the work to transform and empower themselves. 


work with me

Creative coaching is one-on-one, with regular or one-off hour-long sessions. This time is all about you and your creative life. We will identify the steps you want to take, work out what skills you want to develop, and plan suitable actions. We will talk, brainstorm, problem-solve, and celebrate your progress.

When you're stuck, I'll suggest exercises and experiments that will give you more clarity. Together we will engage and break down creative challenges, both internal (like anxiety and negative thoughts) and external (like how to contact galleries).

Stephanie helped me to define my goals to move my creative practice forward. We agreed on homework tasks each week, which was a great motivator and we celebrated successes. We identified key factors which had derailed me in the past and found strategies for overcoming them. Finishing something gave me a sense of accomplishment and a much-needed confidence boost.
— Jo Williams

You can read more testimonials from people who've worked with me.

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Stephanie Christie

I'm a writer and an artist. I've worked with people across the spectrum of the helping industries, gaining valuable skills and experience. Now I help creative people build magnificent creative lives.


Please check out my blog, Creative Dynamo. It combines two of my favorite things - writing and sharing ideas.

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