About one-on-one creative coaching

Creative coaching is a flexible helping service. It combines elements of life coaching, counseling, mentoring and being a buddy.

A creative coaching session with me is up to an hour long. Sessions are usually weekly or fortnightly, with an optional email check-in between sessions. While you can have single sessions, the most benefit comes from the changes that happen over a few weeks or months. 

We begin by identifying where you are right now, your challenges and strengths. We investigate where you want to go. Each session, we talk over your situation, work on it in ways that suit you, and you identify what you want to do before the next session.

Some people come to me for help with creative anxiety, resistance, and frustration. Others want support with creative strategy, planning, prioritizing, or communication skills.

My helping style is practical and solutions-focused. Our sessions create a safe space for you to experiment, research, act, reflect, and get support and feedback.

My aim is for you to finish our sessions with your goals achieved and a transformed relationship to your creative energy.

Please contact me to find out about current package offers, or to book an appointment.

Stephanie’s care, experience, intelligence and genuine fascination with people and their creative minds has you in good hands. In every session we were able to solve problems and develop strategies or new habits to find balance and be better prepared for those high stress or low energy times. I would recommend with confidence and will continue to work with her in the future. Ka pai!
— Craig McClure

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You may enjoy planning or attending a creative workshop.

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