I’m a poet, artist and extreme dreamer. I live in New Zealand, where the light is so strong the first Europeans muted their watercolour pictures home to make them look more realistic. I’m also queer, left-handed and obsessed with cooking - FYI.

Creativity saves me. At the same time, it messes me up by appearing when I’m trying to brush my hair and fill out forms. The wonderful upside of this is that I’ve developed a plethora of skills to keep my life running.

At the time I most needed it, I didn’t know that creative coaching was a thing. I just thought that something was wrong with me, and that I probably deserved the hard time I was having.

Then my friend lent me a book by Eric Maisel, which helped me to pull myself out of a dark night of the soul by the skin of my teeth. (That’s all the cliches I can fit in that sentence…)

I completed Eric’s Advanced Creativity Coaching Training in 2017.

For me, and for the creative people I talk with, I see three main categories of challenge:

  • living in a chaotic, regimented, overstimulating world as a sensitive creative person

  • finding ways to keep making despite the many reasons we come up with to stop

  • sharing our work despite our fears of various horrific social repercussions

These are the areas that creative coaching is useful for. I help creative people grow, so they can deeply enjoy their lives. But growing sounds painful, so that’s a secret between you and me.

What I practically do as a creative coach is help people take the steps they need to take to get to where the want to go, by making the steps as tiny and as safe as possible.

Why am I so good at this? Because I myself am so ridiculous, anxious, resistant and difficult when it comes to creativity - so I’ve learnt to be both kind and cunning to help myself get round this.

These are the skills and insights (and the patient optimism) that I get to share with my clients.

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